addictions counseling in chicago

Chicago is a busy and bustling city with hard-working people. Alcohol consumption is a popular activity in social settings and at work functions. While many people are able to drink alcohol in moderation, for those who have a history of family addictions, drinking in moderation might not be possible.

The topic of alcohol is frequently raised in therapy. It’s a socially acceptable and easily accessible substance that can rather rapidly alter one’s mood state. Unfortunately for some, alcohol consumption can start to interfere with functioning and become a maladaptive comping mechanism for dealing with emotional distress, social anxiety and trauma.

Marijuana is another substance that is becoming more socially acceptable, and while it’s harmful medical effects are less severe than other substances, it is often a gateway to more dangerous drug use. Research shows that those who abuse Alcohol and Marijuana in their teens are more likely to abuse dangerous drugs such as Cocaine and Heroin later on in life.

If you’re struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, it’s important that you seek out a 12 step community such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Cityscape Counseling can provide outpatient therapy to compliment your treatment in higher level of care treatment centers and at 12 step meetings as well as support you in recovery with a focus on relapse prevention and building a valued-driven life during sobriety.


DBT & ACT interventions are commonly included in therapy sessions for those struggling with addiction.

Additionally, Cityscape Counseling provides formal addictions assessments conducted by our Addiction Specialist Bari Rothfeld, LCSW, CADC. This service is for clients of Cityscape whom require further assessment to determine whether you meet criteria for an addiction diagnosis and whether or not you require more intensive treatment and or support beyond outpatient therapy. 

Cityscape Counseling is located in downtown Chicago. We also welcome and serve clients in the surrounding areas such as River North, Lincoln Park, Lake View, Logan Square, Wicker Park, West Loop and Bucktown.

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