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By: Lisa Himelstieb, LCPC - Addictions Therapist Chicago


Substances (i.e. alcohol, marijuana, etc.) and other vices are all around us in our work-related events, holidays, performances/concerts, social interactions, sporting events, music lyrics, TV shows, movies, and advertisement. It is a major part of our social culture and identifying it as a problem or ceasing use can be challenging. Part of the challenge can be comparing one’s use to another...why can Sally drink alcohol in moderation with no issues, but I can’t? 

In addition to outpatient therapy (1-3 times per week), attending self-help meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Refuge Recovery, Smart Recovery, and many more, can be important in learning how to interact with others and enjoy those interactions while not using substances and forming impactful connections in recovery. 

You are not alone and we would be honored to work with you to make healthier changes for yourself and your life. 

if you're looking for An Addictions Therapist in Chicago, cityscape counseling would love to work with you.

We know that seeking out therapy can be a daunting endeavor so we're dedicated to helping you each step of the way.

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