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Cityscape Counseling is located in downtown Chicago. We also welcome and serve clients in the surrounding areas such as River North, Lincoln Park, Lake View, Logan Square, Wicker Park, West Loop and Bucktown.

Chicago is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it is also a very stressful city to live and work in. Population density, commute times, high cost of living, weather extremes and competitive school and work environments all contribute towards increased anxiety levels for Chicago residents. 

Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety, the most prevalent mental health condition in America, is the number one concern that brings people to therapy. Affecting as many as 40 million adults in the U.S., anxiety usually manifests in the form of unpleasant thoughts and physical symptoms.

Perhaps you’ve noticed an increase in fear-based and “what if” type thoughts. If you’re spending a lot of time thinking about potential future scenarios that are out of your control, you might be suffering from anxiety or an anxiety disorder. Many anxiety sufferers also report that they “worry about everything and anything” and don’t really have one big trigger to attribute their anxiety to. 

Stop Anxiety from Consuming Your Life











Is Anxiety Controlling Your Mind, Body, And Emotions? Anxiety can manifest in many different forms that are not always immediately recognizable as anxiety. If you’re wondering if what you’re struggling with is anxiety, below might provide some clues:


  • Do you have racing thoughts or a mind that is “never quiet”?

  • Do you find yourself obsessing and fixating about the future to the extent that it’s difficult to remain present?

  • Do you have difficulty falling or staying asleep?

  • Have others noticed that you are more irritable and impatient?


  • Is anxiety manifesting as physical symptoms such as a rapid heart rate, sweaty palms, or shortness of breath?


These are just a few of a multitude of anxiety symptoms that an anxiety therapist can help you understand and conquer.



Other anxiety symptoms can include panic attacks, poor concentration, muscle tension, & gastrointestinal issues.

Our Anxiety Therapists in Chicago

The good news is that here at Cityscape Counseling in Chicago, our compassionate therapists specialize in anxiety counseling - providing a number of evidenced-based treatments that are highly effective for reducing anxiety. These include Mindfulness, ACT, DBT & CBT. Many of these anxiety treatments will help you to learn to interact differently with your anxious thoughts and master relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety induced physical sensations.

How our Chicago Anxiety Therapists Can Help You Better Manage Your Anxiety Symptoms


Simply talking to someone in a safe space, who not only is an objective outsider, but also a kind, non-judgmental and compassionate person can make you feel less alone with your internal struggle.











Additionally, your anxiety therapist will be able to provide some psychoeducation about what is actually happening on a biological level in your body and brain when you are experiencing anxiety. This can help normalize the experience for you and also start to disempower the effects of anxiety.

Once you understand the physical chemistry of your anxiety, you will realize that while the feeling of anxiety might feel unpleasant and distressing, anxiety is not actually dangerous, it just tricks us into believing that we are in danger. In reality, anxiety is simply just a surge of adrenalin and cortisol (hormones) that lead the body and mind to react in ways that feel uncomfortable, such as a pounding heart, shortness of breath or racing thoughts.

Our Anxiety Therapists Treat All the following forms of Anxiety:  


Stress - a physical reaction caused by an external trigger such as a transition, crisis or trauma. Can be acute or chronic causing excessive cortisol release by the body and resultant anxiety. 


Generalized Anxiety – characterized by excessive worrying that makes it difficult to relax. 

Our Anxiety Therapists at Cityscape Counseling in Chicago specialize in research supported therapies that can help reduce generalized anxiety. 

Here are some signs that you may have generalized anxiety:

  • You find yourself worrying about many things across different areas of your life.

While you might realize that some of this anxiety is irrational, you find difficulty in letting your worries go. 

  • You find yourself spending a lot of time overanalyzing and trying to problem solve in your mind potential future problems that may or may not occur. 

  • You are unable to identify one specific trigger for your anxiety. 

  • It’s hard for you to deal with uncertainty. 

  • It feels like you have no control over your mind and when you try to distract yourself from these worries, they are still there when you return. 

  • You struggle with decision making because you doubt yourself and whether it’s the perfect choice. 

  • Your anxiety starts to take a physical toll on your body and you notice symptoms such as a rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, insomnia and muscle tension. 



Panic Attacks – characterized by extreme physical feelings of terror. Some people describe a panic attack as feeling like they’re dying or losing control or losing touch with reality. While panic attacks can be scary, they are actually quite harmless.

Our Anxiety Therapists at Cityscape Counseling in Chicago specialize in research supported therapies that can help you learn to catch oncoming panic attacks and either stop them from peaking or reduce their intensity.


Here are some signs that you may be suffering from Panic Attacks: 

  • You find it difficult to catch your breath

  • It feels like you might be choking

  • You have chest pain or a racing heart that might feel like a heart attack

  • You feel dizzy, like you might faint or even die

  • You have an out of body experience 

  • The world around you might seem unreal

  • You may also feel nauseas and break out in a sweat

Sometimes your panic attacks can be triggered by a specific event but often they appear to come out of nowhere. You might begin to worry about the next time a panic attack may strike and this might cause you to avoid certain places and activities so that you feel like you can escape if you need to. 


Our anxiety therapists can help you reduce your anxiety or panic attacks with many different evidence-based coping tools. 

Examples of some basic anxiety therapy Skills

(Meeting with an anxiety therapist will provide you more advanced skills)


Breathe in through your nose for 4 counts and out through your mouth for 7 counts

Self Soothing

In your immediate environment, name 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 different textures you can touch, 2 things you can smell and one thing you can taste


Feel your feet pressed firmly into the ground, stretch your arms high above your head and scan your body for any tension you can release.


Distract yourself by watching a funny video on your phone


Imagine your anxiety had a color, shape & speed, what would they be?


Call a supportive friend or loved one

Pet an animal

Give your favorite pet some attention

Spa treatment

Take a soothing bath by candle-light while sipping on warm tea​​​ or go for a massage

Cool Down

Cover your face with an ice pack


Listen to calming music whilst coloring in

Coping Ahead

Ask yourself, "What's the worst that can happen?" Then imagine successfully coping through that outcome

Ride the Wave of Anxiety

Remember, anxiety is like a wave, it rises, peaks & ALWAYS passes​

Accept your Anxiety

Don't fight your anxiety - talk to it "Hello Anxiety my old friend" - "I may feel uncomfortable right now but I know I'm safe"

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All the above anxiety therapy skills engage the rational part of your brain known as the prefrontal cortex. If you regularly practice anxiety skills such as those mentioned above, you will develop stronger neuronal networks in your prefrontal cortex (rational/thinking center) and you will simultaneously reduce activity in your amygdala (anxiety center), leading to overall reduced anxiety arousal over time. This is known as neuroplasticity - you can literally change the size of certain brain structures by practicing anxiety skills you learn in therapy.

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