Career Counseling Chicago

Career Counseling Chicago

What is Career Counseling?

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Career counseling is focused on the individual’s connection to their career, and aims to answer if it is the right fit for them or if a change is needed. Burnout is a common precursor to career counseling, and is a time when the individual needs help sorting through their relationship with their job, and understanding how to continue working while also prioritizing mental health. Career counseling is a space where the individual will be received nonjudgmentally, and can explore all options available to them. 

What are the benefits of career counseling

Benefits of career counseling include:

  1. Clarity and understanding of the impact work has on life and mental health
  2. Safe space to explore all options, even unconventional or surprising ones
  3. Healing burnout
  4. Learning to prioritize mental health and wellbeing in the workplace
  5. Learning about alternative career opportunities that would benefits from the individual’s set of strengths

How to choose the right career counselor in Chicago?

Choosing a career counselor is an important task, because the connection between client and counselor has a significant impact on the success of the experience. When choosing a career counselor, consider the following:

  1. Are there any preferences for age, gender, experience level etc
  2. Do they specialize in career counseling and/or the specific concerns that prompted the search for a career counselor
  3. Do they offer a screening call prior to scheduling to get a feel for fit? 
  4. Do they work for a reputable business?
  5. Do they listen to feedback and are they respectful?

What are the top career paths in Chicago?

Because Chicago is such a large city it offers a wide range of career opportunities. Jobs in finance, software developing, engineering, consulting and HR are highly rated and consistently available, along with plentiful opportunities in the medical field, working in universities, teaching and

Career Resources

  1. Career counseling with a trained therapist
  2. Career counseling at a university or college
  3. Library career counseling services
  4. Self-reflection to assess pros and cons of current career, if it aligns with values, if it is fulfilling, and explore alternative options
  5. Explore podcasts, books, videos and speak with loved ones to learn more about career fulfillment 
Career Counselor in Chicago

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