Emotion regulation

If you’ve ever wondered why you experience certain emotions, what functions they serve, and how to “get more or less” of a certain emotion, this is the module for you.


Our DBT Therapists will teach you emotion regulation skills that will help you:


  • Better identify the emotion you’re experiencing

  • Understand why you behave the way you do when you experience certain emotions

  • Modulate certain emotions if they are causing problems for you.

One popular  Emotion Regulation skill our DBT therapists love to teach is known as "Opposite To Emotion Action".


While it may seem counter-intuitive, research actually shows that doing the opposite of what your emotion is urging you to do, actually decreases the intensity of your emotion in the long-term.

For example:

When you're feeling sad - get active, socialize, don't isolate.

When you're feeling anxious - approach what you're afraid of over and over again.

When you're feeling shame - talk about it, make it public, don't hide or shy away.

When you're feeling angry - speak in a gentle tone, act kindly, say something nice to the person you are angry with.

Acting oppositely disempowers the emotion. It may be challenging at first, but continued opposite action will definitely weaken the emotion over time.

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