What We Believe

Cityscape Counseling’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion is centered in the belief that all individuals should be dynamically heard in their mental health care and all employees should be valued in their perspectives. With our collaborative and respectful approach to care, we believe in fostering a broader sense of belonging. With clinicians from various backgrounds that have gathered experience in multiple treatment settings and levels of care, we see the need for quality clinical care that exalts a diverse set of approaches and perspectives.

We believe that elevating diversity and equity as an organization is key to crafting compassionate therapeutic spaces which then filter into broader society. Seeing our clients and clinicians for their unique intersectional narratives is paramount. With this ongoing focus, we hope to move towards enhanced worldviews and individual and systemic healing.

We strive to understand the impact that privilege and oppression has on our clients and staff. We work to consistently make choices that provide an affirmative space for marginalized and underrepresented communities. We promote the self-actualization and self-embodiment processes in client healing, and are actively developing our clinical skills to promote equity.

Our Lens

  • PURPOSEFULLY developing our clinical skills to promote equity for people from underrepresented backgrounds as well as creating a comfortable space for our own employees with diverse identities
  • being PRESENT as we acknowledge our own limitations as providers with particular lived experiences that may impact how we show up in the therapeutic space, as well as using this to show us where to commit to radical change
  • ●  remaining PASSIONATE about celebrating equity, inclusivity, and accessibility at every level of our work

How We are Working to Honor our Commitment 

  • Utilizing our diversity, equity and inclusion committee which is dedicated to meaningful education for our practice on a weekly, quarterly, and yearly basis
  • Actively working to diversify our team by increasing hiring efforts towards people of marginalized backgrounds, to assist in meeting the needs of our clients
  • Encouraging open dialogue internally and externally around inclusion and equity-related issues, particularly with our strained current economic/political climate
  • Executing vulnerability as clinicians by attending ongoing diversity, anti-racist, and cultural competency trainings, and thereafter putting action into new approaches and application of skills, and ultimately practice “being uncomfortable” with change
  • Practicing compassion openly on our team about issues facing various aspects of our clients’ identities and what we can do to further empower their pursuit of themselves
  • Nurturing relationships with local BIPOC referral sources 
  • Promoting justice by being an equal opportunity employer

Diversity Committee