Diversity Statement

What We Believe

Diversity, equity and inclusion are essential values of our organization. At Cityscape Counseling, we serve a diverse population whom we care deeply for and we are working to ensure that our team and clinical approaches are representative of the diversity in the community we serve. 

We are committed to fostering an environment in our organization that is welcoming and safe to both clients and therapists of all backgrounds.

Our practice’s values of passion, presence and purpose inspire our commitment to pursuing diversity, equity and inclusion of both our clients and treatment team.

Cityscape Counseling is committed to:

  • PURPOSEFULLY developing our clinical cultural competency skills to best serve our diverse community
  • being PRESENT as we learn and grow in our pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in our practice as clinicians as well as by being an equal opportunity employer
  • remaining PASSIONATE about social justice issues

How We are Working to Honor our Commitment 

  • Leaders are working with an external diversity consulting firm to implement internal changes
  • We have a dedicated diversity, equity and inclusion committee dedicated to developing resources, diversifying our team, and increasing partnerships with local BIPOC referral sources
  • Clinicians attend ongoing diversity, anti-racist and cultural competency trainings
  • Consulting openly on our team about social justice issues and what roles we can take to help pursue true equality for all