media contributions

Our downtown Chicago therapy office was featured on Freshpractice Design Blog, check out the pictures and interview here
Chicago Sun Times:
"Depression, anxiety spike in Chicago, elsewhere amid pandemic, turbulent times"
Chelsea Hudson, LCPC
Huffington Post Contributions:
"How to know when it's time to take medication for anxiety" featuring Cityscape founder Chelsea Hudson, LCPC
"It's Hard To Not Be Anxious When Nowhere Feels Safe Anymore" featuring Cityscape therapist Nicole Bentley, LCSW
Dr. Abby Brown was featured in an interesting Bustle article about Venting11 Sneaky Side Effects Of Venting Too Much About Your Relationship
Chelsea Hudson, LCPC also authored an Article on explaining the use of acceptance and commitment therapy in the treatment of eating disorders
Julie Raymond, LCPC has authored articles for, read some of her articles below:
Chelsea Hudson, LCPC has also made regular contributions to a variety of articles that have appeared on and other media publications:

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