Mission, Vision & Ethos


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Our mission at Cityscape Counseling is to provide exceptional mental health therapy services to individuals, couples, and families residing across all of Chicago and the greater Illinois area. Our approach is compassionate, collaborative, evidence based, and culturally sensitive. We are dedicated to assisting our clients in identifying their own goals, and providing support as they enhance their resilience in facing life’s numerous challenges. We achieve this mission by fostering a respectful, welcoming, and empowering workplace so that our extraordinary team of therapists can thrive in their pursuit to deliver the best possible mental health services to our clients.


​Our vision at Cityscape Counseling is to be a beacon of hope for those dealing with mental health concerns and difficult life adjustments. Through cutting-edge therapeutic approaches, a commitment to cultural humility, and personalized care, we aspire to help every individual we treat flourish and overcome challenges. We envision a collaborative work environment where therapists from varying backgrounds and identities can learn and grow together.



At Cityscape Counseling, we are dedicated to fostering a culture for both therapists and clients that embraces their unique strengths and those of the people around them. Rooted in the vibrant City of Chicago, our ethos is built on the following pillars:


We believe in the inherent worth and dignity of each therapist and client. Our practice is committed to cultivating an environment where everyone is treated with respect, compassion, and understanding.


In our commitment to providing the best care, we value continuous growth and learning. We seek to provide a wide array of internal learning opportunities through regular clinical consults, didactics, and continuing education events. We value learning opportunities across a multitude of clinical areas to ensure that we provide holistic and culturally responsive care.


We recognize the privilege we hold to work in the private sector where we serve clients from diverse backgrounds who are looking to improve their mental wellness. We are grateful to work alongside dedicated individuals in a strong and reputable organization with an abundance of support in our work. We recognize varying levels of privilege that we hold and commit to serving our clients with humility and gratitude.


We remain committed to fostering an affirming and inclusive environment that celebrates the uniqueness of all staff and clients. We make a commitment to pursuing cultural humility by planning and engaging in continued learning opportunities around meeting the needs of our diverse clients and staff members.


We strive for excellence in all we do. From therapy services, to leadership, education and training, human resources, billing, intake and admin, we hire talented and dedicated individuals
to fulfill all roles. We continuously work on improving all processes and systems to ensure that the practice runs in an efficient manner to best suit the needs of clients and clinicians.


At Cityscape Counseling, kindness is key. Kindness in the way hat we communicate with one another, give others the benefit of the doubt, and make decisions, is valued and expected at all levels and in all interactions among support staff, therapists, and clients.


Cityscape Counseling as an organization seeks to be generous to all employees. We pride ourselves on providing excellent compensation and benefits (financial, social, & educational) to our staff. We want our clinicians to be compensated at the highest possible rate for the exceptional care they provide.


We prioritize creating a safe space for clients to heal, and a work environment where team members feel comfortable using their voices and sharing their authentic selves.

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