OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) is a debilitating disorder that affects approximately 1-2% of the adult population and up to 5% of children and adolescents. It’s a disorder that is not very well understood and is often stereotypically characterized by phrases such as “neat freak” or “control freak”.

OCD typically involves anxiety-based intrusive thoughts, urges or impulses (obsessions) that an individual tries to suppress with some form of compulsive action (compulsion).

Compulsions are often repetitive in nature and are aimed at decreasing anxiety or preventing an unwanted occurrence. The prevention efforts are usually extreme or irrelevant actions that are not rationally necessary to prevent the unwanted event from occurring. School and work functioning often become impacted because for many sufferers of OCD, many hours are spent engaging in compulsive behaviors in response to relentless intrusive thoughts.


OCD thoughts and behaviors fall into a number of different categories some of which include: aggressive, contamination, sexual, hoarding, religious, symmetry and illness obsessions and cleaning, checking, counting, ordering and repeating compulsive behaviors.


The gold standard treatment for OCD is Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP). Because OCD is a commonly occurring disorder for those struggling with anxiety and eating disorders, Chelsea Hudson, a Chicago OCD therapist, also has extensive experience treating this population.

Therapy sessions usually involve creating a hierarchy of feared situations based on an individuals’ OCD thoughts, practicing exposure to the feared triggers and consequences, and learning techniques to refrain from engaging in compulsive behaviors. Over time, with both therapy and medication, frequency and intensity of thoughts usually decrease and individuals no longer feel the need to engage in time-consuming compulsive behaviors.

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