It can happen anywhere and at any time. One minute you’re pacing your way through a regular day, and the next minute you feel your heart start to race and hurt, your palms become sweaty, you struggle to gasp for air and the world appears to be spinning. Of course these symptoms seem alarming and you start to wonder if you’re having a heart attack or asthma episode.


Most people will experience at least one panic attack in their lifetime. They are often mistaken for heart attacks because chest pain and heart palpitations are the most common panic attack symptoms.

Other panic attack symptoms can include nausea, feelings of choking, numbness, chills, hot flashes, fear of losing control, fear of dying, feeling detached from your body, dry heaving and shaking.


Panic attacks differ to anxiety in the sense that anxiety usually involves worries about the future while panic involves present-based fear and has a sudden onset.


There are 2 types of panic attacks: cued and uncued:

Cued panic attacks can be traced to a specific trigger that sets them off. Perhaps every time you fly, drive under a bridge or have your blood drawn, you experience a panic episode.

Uncued panic attacks are usually more distressing because they seem to “come on for no particular reason” or “out of nowhere”. When your heart suddenly starts racing when you’re sitting calmly at your desk, your mind doesn’t know what to make of that, so it starts to make up catastrophic stories about why your heart is suddenly racing.

While panic attacks can feel extremely scary, they are actually not harmful at all. One usually experiences a surge of physical symptoms that peak in intensity after about 10 minutes and gradually decrease over the next 20 minutes or so.


The good news is that here at Cityscape Counseling, our therapists are panic attack specialists in Chicago, who love teaching those struggling with panic attacks useful skills to both cope with and lower the intensity of panic attacks. Some people even learn to notice when a panic attack is starting and can stop it before it becomes full blown. Panic attacks and panic attack disorders are highly treatable with techniques drawn from ACT, DBT, ERP & CBT.


if you're looking for therapy for panic attacks in Chicago, cityscape counseling would love to work with you.

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