Early dating is full of excitement, anticipation, and butterflies in your stomach. It is also full of doubt, anxiety, and overthinking. Getting to truly know someone takes a long time, but conversation can help grow and nurture connections in early relationships as they begin to develop. These questions were gathered and created to help spark deep conversation and teach you about your new partner and relationship. Knowing what to ask a new partner can be difficult, so here are 20 questions to nurture connection in early relationships:

  1. What about our relationship are you most proud of? What do we do really well together?
  2. What’s something you love about me that others miss?
  3. What three things do you and I have most in common?
  4. What things can I do to make you feel more supported?
  5. What’s one thing you’d like to try in the bedroom that you’re nervous about bringing up?
  6. What topic do you find the most difficult to discuss with your partner? Why?
  7. How would you describe me to other people?
  8. What are your top two expectations in your relationship?
  9. What counts as cheating to you?
  10. What aspects of your relationship do you expect your partner to keep private?
  11. Do you feel your partner has ever broken your trust? If so, when? 
  12. What do you wish your partner understood about you?
  13. Are there any issues in your relationship that you feel are unresolved?
  14. What would you like your partner to open up about more?
  15. Are you happy with how much separate “alone time” you have in your relationship?
  16. How can your partner best support you when you’re feeling low?
  17. What would you say is your biggest emotional need?
  18. How secure do you feel in your relationship?
  19. What’s one thing you’d like to strengthen in your relationship?
  20. How would you define a successful relationship?

Of course, these questions are not only for early relationships but can be used to nurture a relationship at any stage.

Article by Jennifer Klesman, LCSW

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