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Coping with Boredom

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

By: Julie Raymond, LCPC

In light of recent world events, the number one complaint I continue to hear is “how do I cope with boredom?”. Our day to day lives have been asked to shift into a more slow paced and sedentary lifestyle.

I have created a list of ideas of ways to sit with boredom and help cope with our new reality of staying home amidst the COVID-19 outbreak:

- Practice the art of being still and being present

- Make your bed

- Visit a new neighborhood in your city

- Plan a game night

- Write letter to nursing homes or healthcare worker

- Find a new show or movie to watch

- Draw/coloring books

- Throw a zoom/FaceTime party

- Have a themed dinner night (ask friends to join you virtually)

- Paint

- Take a free online class on that subject you always wanted to learn about

- Go to a new grocery store

- Get creative: find something that sparks creativity for you

- Rearrange a room, a table or bookshelf

- Start a garden

- Have a zoom/FaceTime happy hour

- Watch a Netflix movie with a friend and schedule a call half way through and at the end to discuss

- Have yourself a spa day

- Make a routine for your day to hold you accountable

Drink tea

-Try a new movement like yoga, Pilates, HIIT, running ect

- Print out photos you’ve been meaning to print

- Go for a walk in new area or take a new route

-Visit the lake

- Go for a hike

- Start a virtual book club

- Go for a drive

- Send gratitude/appreciation texts to loved ones

- Send a loved one a card

- Go for a mindful walk without your phone

- Clean...possibly everything!

- Organize

- Or organize Marie Kondo style

- Learn how to cook a new meal

- Take a bike ride

- Order takeout from a local restaurant

- Take a bubble bath

- Roller blade

- Learn a new skill

- Read a new book

- Donate blood

- Send someone flowers just because

- Teach your dog a new trick

- Learn to meditate with the headspace app

- Stretch

- Paint your nails

- Play a video game

- FaceTime a friend or loved one

- Take a “vacation” from your phone

- Light candles, open your window for fresh air

- Be silly - have a dance party alone

- Learn a new dance routine

- On demand workouts

- Create a new playlist

- Try out new makeup

-Drop off a home cook meal for a friend

- Lysol everything

- Write a love letter to yourself

- Scrapbook

- Knit/crochet

- Get groceries or a coffee for a neighbor

- Write a list of gratitude for things in your own life

- Start planning a vacation for 2021

- Pick up trash in your neighborhood (wear gloves!!)

- Wash blankets or rugs that we seldomly get around to

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