4 Steps to Feeling Happier 

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Sometimes, the day-to-day experience can create a blending and monotone effect- where each day blends to the next, with nothing happy or of note differentiating your life experience. That “blah” feeling is one that we as humans know too well, and the exercise below can help. This exercise involves increasing awareness of positive experiences and recall of those positive experiences. It emphasizes and highlights moments of joy that you might have otherwise looked over or forgotten about. It can help with depressive episodes, anxiety, and the days when you are in a funk. 

Step 1: Think about your experience

Was there a moment in your day that really felt good? Was there an interaction with a loved one, or coworker? Did you help someone in need? Did you feel the warm sun on your face for the first time in a while? Think about that moment.

Step 2: Think about your internal experience

Now think about your internal experience during that moment. How did your body feel? Did you feel warm? Did you feel bubbly? Relaxed? Overall, what were you feeling?

Step 3: Picture it

If you have seen Inside Out, I want you to picture the yellow glowing ball that represents happy memories. Picture the memory or experience going into one of those glowing green balls. The ball now holds that memory/ experience.

Step 4: Implant the image

The final step is to picture the green glowing ball being implanted in your brain. Close your eyes, and think about the ball going inside your brain and your brain absorbing it.

Not only will these skills improve your awareness of positive experiences you might have looked over, but they can also improve access to those positive experiences and memories. This skill can be so helpful if you are in a very stressful moment, a depressive episode, and feeling very anxious or stuck. You can think about the glowing green ball and remember your moment of distress is not going to last forever. 

Article was written by Ali Morris, LCSW

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