There are certain inalienable truths about the human existence that we all must accept. There are six aspects of reality, or truths, that no matter who you are or where you are in the world, are the same for every human experience. These are the harsh realities of the world and part of life. Knowing these six aspects is one thing, learning how to lean into accepting them, is another. These can be some of the most difficult truths about humanity to accept in our lives. There are six truths we have to accept about the world to find peace in it.

The first step is simply being aware that for everyone, we will experience these obstacles in life. No person is spared from these. I encourage you to take a look at your own personal experiences. Look at how you relate to each one of these. Then with each, ask where you tend to struggle with accepting these aspects of reality. 

Accepting Change 

The famous quote “change is the only constant in life”. Change is inevitable for us all. We will age, we will grow, experiences will change our perceptions or beliefs and people will come into our lives and change us. Another famous quote is “Day by day nothing seems to change, soon suddenly, everything is different”. Change can sneak up on us or it can happen in a single moment or event where we are no longer who we once were. For most of us, we don’t tend to welcome change if it’s not something we are actively trying to change. Change can be difficult, such as trying to stop a bad habit or start a new habit. To accept that change is inevitable, we need to allow ourselves to find gratitude in change. 

Accepting Loss

We will all experience loss in our lifetime. There are many types of losses we can experience such as death, loss of an object, loss of the plans we had, or hopes for the future. Loss is a part of life. With change always comes some type of loss. It could be a part of ourselves, or letting go of the past or the way things were. The beauty of life is, that if loss wasn’t an option, we wouldn’t appreciate life as much. Loss of money or items.

Accepting Uncertainty 

One thing about the human mind, is that we are always searching for certainty. We have adapted to not like uncertainty and seek out what will make things certain. It can be hard to accept the unknown. Maybe you are looking for stability, or a crystal ball to know how your choices will influence the rest of your life, but unfortunately, there is no way of knowing this. Uncertainty is an inevitable truth about life for everyone. Maybe you’ll marry, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll have kids, maybe you won’t. You may get divorced or be widowed at a young age. Maybe that dream job turns out to be a nightmare. We experience uncertainty on a daily basis, whether it’s about the big picture of what’s to come in life, to the small moments of life such as getting a parking spot. 

Accepting Life is not fair

It’s easy to look around and compare yourself and your life to others, especially in this day and age with social media. We can literally see the good fortune, amazing jobs or fabulous trips others are taking. Remember, good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people. Once you start to realize that the world is not fair for everyone, I think your life can truly begin. When you let go of how things should of been and stop trying to fight reality, it can allow you to accept the simple truth that life is not fair. 

Accepting Pain 

One of the tried and true sayings in therapy is, “Pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.” For everyone, pain is a part of life but just as pain is a part of life know that so is joy, pleasure, and happiness. When you are stuck in the pain or darkness of life, the clouds will inevitably lift and you will experience sunshine again. Learning how to accept pain can be incredibly challenging. For many, they may find wanting to avoid pain in life through maladaptive coping like denial of the pain itself.

A strategy for accepting pain is allowing yourself to feel the pain and finding gratitude in your pain. We have to feel our way through anything to heal it, it’s paramount to human existence. Know that going through pain will be your wisdom and strength and while it might not make sense now why you are experiencing this pain, as we only have the ability to connect dots backwards not forward, hold hope that what you are experiencing right now will lead to a part of you that you will inevitably be stronger and wiser for having experienced. Remember: no movie worth watching is made with all highs. 

Accepting Constant Work 

Here’s the thing, work is a part of life. I don’t just mean a job, but also appointments, taking care of yourself or others, or daily tasks. The truth of the matter is that everyone will have constant work. Learning how to accept in a day what you have completed, being able to set realistic goals for the future, and letting go of what you haven’t yet completed is the ultimate goal. It’s about accepting that you will never get to a place in your life where you don’t have work to do. Then to accept that there are limitations for us all in what we can accomplish in a day, a week, or even a year. 

Talking with a mental health therapist more about what you struggle with within each of these six truths about the world we have to accept can help you to live a more meaningful life. Contact Cityscape Counseling to be connected to a therapist. Here are six truths we have to accept about the world to find peace in it.

Article by Julie Raymond, LCPC

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