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The city of Chicago is home to one of the largest networks of mental health providers and advocates in the United States, which means those hoping to recover and heal from trauma have many resources to choose from. While having options can be helpful, sifting through websites and calling helplines to find the right group, organization, or resource can feel daunting. We at Cityscape Counseling have compiled a list of Chicago-based trauma resources below. The following is not intended to capture every resource available, as Chicago’s mental health landscape is ever-changing and innovating, with new offerings becoming available each week. Rather, this list can be viewed as a curated starting point for survivors to begin or deepen their journey of healing from trauma.

Sexual Trauma 

  • Resilience is a nonprofit organization serving the greater Chicagoland area that provides culturally responsive and innovative support groups for survivors of sexual trauma. Group topics range from support groups focused on processing traumatic experiences to groups focusing on providing survivors with a healing way to connect through activities like gardening and crocheting. Resilience also offers many volunteer opportunities across Chicago for those looking to make a positive impact.
  • The Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline operates 24/7 and provides survivors of sexual trauma with crisis intervention services as well as assistance in navigating resources in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. The Hotline can also help callers find a Rape Crisis Center if the caller is in need of medical testing or advocacy.
  • Howard Brown Health is a Chicago-based organization primarily supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. One group offered is a “Sexual Harm Recovery” support group that anyone can attend. 

Interpersonal/Domestic Violence

  • CAWC is a Chicago nonprofit organization dedicated to helping survivors of domestic violence and their children. CAWC offers support groups for trauma survivors as well as children’s services.
  • WINGS provides a variety of groups for adult and teen survivors of domestic violence and their children, as well as provides a parenting group.
  • Between Friends Chicago offers several therapeutic and support groups in addition to services for survivors of domestic violence and their children.
  • The Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline operates 24/7 and assists survivors of domestic violence with crisis intervention services, safety planning, and connection to resources in the city of Chicago as well as statewide.

Childhood Trauma

  • Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center coordinates with local organizations to help children and families address and recover from trauma and abuse. ChicagoCAC provides therapeutic support in connection with helping families navigate legal, medical, and child protection systems in Chicago.
  • Lurie Children’s Trauma Treatment Service is a multidisciplinary team out of Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago that supports families and children impacted by violence and trauma. They provide group therapy as well as other forms of mental health support.

Community Violence Trauma

  • Chicago Survivors is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Chicagoans heal from violent loss. The organization operates a program entitled “Community of Survivors” that hosts support groups, workshops, and opportunities for connection for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. They also operate a 24/7 Crisis Helpline for survivors.
  • The City of Chicago is providing ongoing “Mental Health Skills-Building” training opportunities for Chicago residents looking to better understand the concept of trauma-informed care and support those who have been impacted by community violence. This training is designed for those in helping positions, such as faith leaders, nonprofit workers, librarians, etc. Attendees will learn about trauma-informed care and develop skills to work with individuals experiencing emotional dysregulation and other trauma symptoms. 


  • Center on Halsted is a nonprofit advocacy organization supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Based in Chicago’s Boystown neighborhood, Center on Halsted provides a variety of culturally responsive, in-person groups on trauma-focused topics including religious trauma, interpersonal/domestic violence, and a DBT group for survivors who are looking to develop coping skills.
  • Howard Brown Health is a Chicago-based organization that primarily focused on supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. Howard Brown has a variety of therapeutic services, including a “Surviving Trauma” Skills Group that anyone is welcome to join, regardless of cultural background.

Trauma Survivor Groups & Workshops

  • Mind Body Co-op is a group therapy practice in Chicago that provides a mixed-gender Trauma & Recovery Support Group as well as a Women’s Resiliency Group. All groups provided accept insurance plans as coverage.
  • The Chicago Center for Integration and Healing facilitates education and skills groups for those impacted by trauma. 
  • Watch Hill Therapy, a group therapy practice in Chicago, provides trauma-focused, virtual workshops that survivors can attend to learn coping skills and connect with others.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

  • Move Therapy & Wellness, located in Chicago’s Roscoe Village neighborhood, provides trauma-informed yoga classes.
  • Room to Breathe is a yoga studio and group practice located in downtown Chicago providing trauma-informed yoga classes.

Additional Chicago Resources

  • NAMI Chicago is a mental health advocacy organization. NAMI operates a confidential Helpline, which callers can access seven days per week, and speak to a trained mental health professional to receive support and assist them in navigating Chicago’s vast mental health system.
  • 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is a free, confidential helpline that callers can utilize when in distress and looking for support anywhere in the United States.
  • The Collaborative for a Trauma-Informed Chicago has a variety of educational resources that anyone in Chicago can access to learn more about trauma-informed care, causes of trauma, and strategies for addressing the impact of trauma on a systemic scale. 

The resources above can be instrumental in helping survivors understand their own trauma responses, cope with challenges, and develop a sense of community in Chicago. All can be accessed in tandem with outpatient mental health therapy. 

Chicago Trauma therapists at Cityscape Counseling are specialized in treating a variety of traumatic experiences (such as childhood trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Complex PTSD, etc.) through evidenced-based treatments like Eye Movement & Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and more. Please reach out to Cityscape’s Intake Coordinator to get matched with an experienced, trauma-focused clinician.

Article written by Sierra Peterson, LCSW, a licensed Chicago therapist who specializes in treating a variety of mental health disorders with evidence based treatments. To schedule an appointment with her or one of our other therapists, contact

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